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Friday, June 4, 2010

We will see how long this lasts….

This blog is titled amazinglysensational with the hopes that Jason will contribute to it…..but until then I am on summer break, so I will more than likely be posting in my boredom. I got the idea to start a blog (again- I had one when I was a freshman in college…it was real deep clip_image001..) from our friends the Anderson’s (Kirk and Rebecca). I figured with our friends and family all over the place, why not create one spot where those who love us can catch up on our super exciting lives (well they are sometimes super exciting, the rest of the time they are just busy!)

Like I said earlier I am on summer break, which started officially Tuesday at 4pm!! I have just been at home doing what the inner slob has been craving to do all year–sleep in until 11 and stay in my pajamas alllll day (this is why I am still up at 12:30…a cycle that needs to break) I just have one more day of living like that and then my summer of go here and then then there will begin. I am not going to list everything I am doing…maybe I can post the fancy calendar I made online during an hour today where I had already seen the episode of clean house and 19 kids and counting. Like I said we plan on using this blog to update people on our lives…so here are some updates:

-we got a new dachsund his name is Barley… he has been a great addition to the family

-we now have a roomate…well housemate (we don’t all share a room) her name is Lupe and she is super sweet! We love having her here

-Catarinna my cadillac AC was fixed after being broken since SEPTEMBER!!!

-we got a new laptop for me.. dude I got a dell clip_image001[1]Jason is going to take my old one once we get it fixed

-Catarinna also got 2 new tires and new windshield wipers (she is plotting to break our bank!)

-Jason’s truck has a blown gasket…we don’t know what that means–but it sounds expensive, so we will wait to get that looked at clip_image001[2]

That is all I have for now…. it is likely I will post something tomorrow, due to the fact TV isn’t all that great during the daytime…so don’t worry you 8-5 year round workers watching tv all day isn’t that fun, because the shows stink!

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