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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are a pair of productive homeowners!!

This was the first time Jason and I both had off for Spring Break…yay for him working at ACC!! My parents made the trek from Ohio to Texas with their three dogs (Bayley and Bear Sr.—the parents to our two labs and they brought Abby who is the sister to our two labs). They drove non stop starting Friday afternoon and getting here Saturday afternoon…what can I say they LOVE ME!!! While they were making the journey here Jason and I were power cleaning the house in record time and making room in our garage for 6 DOGS! When they got here we had a mini family reunion with all the dogs which ended with…Barley the smallest dog having a bad case of little man syndrome and trying to stir up trouble—in his crate he went…Lilly not being able to get a long with her sister Abby (who looks just like her)… and Bear Jr. being the hostess with mostess.. anytime there would be little tiffs between relatives he was there to make sure everyone was okay. After the re-introductions we all realized we hadn’t eaten all day them due to their driving and us our speed cleaning, so Jason and I took them to the big Golden Coral on Parmer. I told Jason last time we ate there (which was a year ago) that I will only eat here when I have gone all day without eating…there is soooo much food there!! Sunday we went to church and guess where we ate again—Golden Coral….we vowed that was our last time until next year! Over lunch Sunday we discussed plans to lay grass in our backyard…this is when us acting like adults starts….

We decided to lay 2 pallets of grass…for all those that don’t really know what 2 pallets means (which I definitely didn’t know) it means we had enough grass to cover 900 square feet!!! We shopped around and found a nursery where we could get 1 pallet for $95! I will take that any day…because the stores were selling 1 piece for 1.29ish and buying it as a pallet it came out to 45 cents….I sound so educated on grass buying—which I am now! We ordered the grass Sunday and planned to go pick it up Monday. Monday morning I wake up and make the fam so good hearty bacon and eggs for breakfast…also very adult of me! We send the boys with my mom and dads new Avalanche to pick up a pallet of the grass to find that one whole pallet won’t fit on the bed of their car so they had to cut them in 1/2. When they get back with 1/2 a pallet we realize that we are going to need more than our little red raider wagon to haul it to the backyard…we called around to borrow a wheel borrow with little luck, so we decided to invest in one…more grass laying and gardening are definitely in our future with a yard this size! For the rest of the day my mom and I drove to North Austin to pick up 1/2 a load at a time..that equals 4 trips! Jason went and rented a tiller and the boys (Jason and my dad) tilled and prepped the ground for the grass.


Here you can see the dirt patch and only SOME of the grass we laid!

Finally around 4ish we started laying the grass.


Here is Jason and I lying the monumental first piece of grass (please excuse me looking a hot mess in this picture… I was working haaaard!!)

Once we started laying the pieces out it went pretty quick! Luckily it gets darker later so we had some extra daylight, which really helped! We continued laying grass while my mom cooked us up some delicious chalupas!

Here is some pictures of the final product and our hired help!


We worked some more on Tuesday with the added help of my nana and Ray on cleaning up our Rose Bushes, pulling weeds, laying a few more squares, and rolling it with a giant roller! Now we are doing our best of giving it plenty of water and keeping the dogs off of it as much as possible! We are pretty proud of ourselves for being such productive homeowners on the first two days of our Spring Break. I can’t say the rest of the week was spent being so productive, but we did get to visit/spend time with family which is always a time well spent! We are so thankful for my parents who helped so much on their vacation!!!