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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It’s been a whiiiiile…..

So, it has been since Halloween since I have posted….how sad. But, that is what school does—consume my life..along with the Christmas season, celebrating our one year anniversary in December, traveling to Ohio, and starting a new semester. I would still go and read all my friends blogs and keep up with them, and every time I thought I really need to update ours…but then told myself no one really reads it so why bother. Well, tonight I just pushed pass the thought about no one reading it and decided to post. I am not going to recap everything that we have done since Halloween, but we have been busy.

As of late our weekends are starting to fill up as they normally do in the spring, with weddings, showers, parties and little projects we plan. We just celebrated our 5th Valentines together at our traditional spot Macaroni Grill…. I like this tradish because it has a lot of meaning to why we continue to go there and because it is uber expensive! We started going there for Valentines day 5 years ago when I was still in San Marcos going to Texas State and Jason was in North Austin…we would meet half way at the one in South Austin. It is that 1st Valentines day where Jason 1st told me he loved me by drawing it on our table100_1071

That piece of paper is now framed in our living room! Then the next year I was still down in San Marcos so we said lets meet up again at the same place…since then the tradish just stuck—but we now go to the one up here in Round Rock. It’s cute and doesn’t break the bank. This Valentines we said we weren’t going to do anything, so we can attempt to save money…but sure enough my prince charming snuck a bouquet of my favorite flowers (which he recently learned were gerber daisies!) and a huge balloon that sings. That balloon has been a huge hit in my classroom…we have mini dance parties throughout the day SmileYou should see the moves my kids have they are hilarious—they just let loose!

Well, there isn’t much else going on with us…but a lot is going on with our friends…we sometimes I live through their exciting lives and then come back to mine when it gets too much… for example a lot of my friends are pregnant and due soon. Which leads everyone else to the question, “Does this make you want a baby?” Answer always the same, “Nope!” I do have to admit I find myself looking up crib d├ęcor and baby clothes and sending the links to my friends who actually need those items…but I am glad it is not me at this time. We are planning on waiting another 3ish years before we add someone else to our little family of 5 (us and 3 dogs). Jason jokes that he will have 2 princess babies to take care and our future child. It is like a compliment/burn—compliment that I am a princess…burn that I am a baby (which is sooo not true!) I am very happy to be the friend to all these girls who will be bringing in little bundles of joy into the world soon…so I can be there when it is fun and leave when it is not and learn how it’s done!

Well, that is about as much news and rambling that I can think of!! It feels good to be back…now let’s just hope all this rambling is readSmile!