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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These are a few of my (Ashley) favorite things…

So I have been meaning to blog about our remodel of the kitchen, but then I decided I will wait until we are all done and put into one big mega blog…oooh are you excited?!??!? Stay tuned and at the end of this post you will see a sneak peak at the kitchen we are redoing…..oh do I know how to keep you reading or how to make you scroll to the bottom of the page quickly? Either way you are intrigued :)

I did want to share our weekend festivities with those who care :) We have been working pretty much all day everyday, but we did get out on Saturday and spend some times at my Mother’s Mecca aka Longaberger Homestead

homestead We shopped the factory outlet and I got some candles and plastic basket protectors to organize our drawers at home… this is the summer of Organization (or at least hopefully it will be when I get home!) Then we had some delish lunch at their restaurant there. After lunch we went into the town of Dayton, which is where the company started and the owner once worked at the local restaurant….now the whole town revolves around his product—pretty neat! Then we went back to the homestead to shop some more and wait for the)…………………………………………………………….… ………………………….FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!

Hence the name of the title of this blog!! Fireworks and spending time with my family are on my Top 5 FAVORITE THINGS EVER!!!!! We sat for about 2 hours waiting for them and doing what my mom and I do best people watch…and then at 9:30 they started and they were AMAZING!!! I really think we should have fireworks more than just twice a year…they bring such happiness to people…I mean listen to how happy this girl is watching fireworks….

………….oh wait that is me a few years ago :)

Here are the fireworks we saw this past weekend:


The Finale:

I can hardly wait for this next weekend!!!

Here is the sneak peak at my parent’s kitchen that we are redoing….

Before we painted:


Saturday, June 26, 2010

3+3 and ready to bust road trip

So, I know everyone has been chomping at the bit to hear about the 21 hour road trip with three people and three big dogs and a lot lot of stuff

We left Monday morning at 6:30am after getting a whopping 3 hours of sleep!! The car was literally ready to burst… I was so close to the dash board I could of used it as a snack bar :) We gave Bailey and Abby a Benadryl to help them sleep along the way.  After getting the proper caffeine and snacks we were on our way. We made our first big stop in Tyler, Tx where we ate Whataburger at park there…which was so the dogs could stretch their legs and use the restroom. We then pushed on to Texarcana where we switched drivers…to ME!! I drove for the next 5 hours…stopping at a sonic (we had quality cuisine on this trip) The rest of the trip was a blur… I remember sleeping in a hotel parking lot for 3 hours before continuing on our journey to Ohio! This is when I discovered Jason had sent me to Ohio with a little bit of his cold… We got to Dayton, Ohio at 2 or I said it was a blur. They showed me around the house and then I went to lay down and woke up 13 hours later…I guess I had some drivers lag!

…here are some pictures that capture the essence of the trip…

IMGP0001IMGP0003 IMGP0004 IMGP0006 These pictures were

my attempt to take a picture of us every hour doing the countdown…as you can see we only made it to 5 and looking back I am now realizing that I skipped 4…we had good intentions (much like the failed game of finding license plates from all the 50 states…we got maybe 10 before we lost the paper and gave up).


Here is a car that I need to convince Jason we need:IMGP0007 IMGP0008  I mean I love anything with my name on it…..especially if it’s spray painted :)

Here I am starting my 5 hours of driving….IMGP0011 This is also the last picture of one of us you will see….. the rest are of the dogs—because they looked cute…where as we faded fast…

 IMGP0013 “Pleeease let me sit in the front!”  IMGP0016  

Back seat sleepersIMGP0019IMGP0020 “Are we there yet"?”IMGP0021 Bailey and Abby passed out!!

Believe it or not this trip was soooo much fun bonding and laughing the whole 30+ hours we were in the car!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We have been busy busy busy!!!

So I know that people out there are just dying to know what is going on in the lives of Jason and Ashley :) We have been to Houston for Eric and Maggie’s engagement party, I went to camp for 3 days to help out, we went to Dallas for our friend Ryan and Sara’s wedding, I went to visit friends in San Marcos, Jason got a cold, and now I am trying to get my stuff ready for Ohio….which I leave for Saturday, but that trip is a whole other story!! Some things we have learned over the past couple weeks:

-Houston is hot, but it sure felt good to have he AC in my car fixed!

-catching up with college friends is a great thing and needs to happen more often!

-Camp Honey Creek holds a little piece of my heart

-playing name that artist is our new favorite road trip game :)

-Ryan and Sara are the cutest couple ever (well besides us!)

-Jason has added a waffle maker to his birthday wish list after making a 2 minute waffle at the Hampton Inn

-it is hard to be productive when all you want to watch is Clean House marathons!

-it is important to take time to visit and make time  for those you love!

-sleepovers are sooo fun even at 24

-there are 18 Christmas movies that are better than Fred Clause

-there are more than just red and green grapes

-Jason might be the key to the swine flu but a cold can still get through that immune system

Instead of writing all the little details of what we have done the past two weeks….. I wanted to make a list :) Now I must make a to do list for tomorrow and Friday, or nothing will get done! I am leaving Saturday for a roadtrip to Ohio with my mom, cousin, and THREE LABS!!! That’s right 21 hours with 2 other people and 3 animals-this is going to be very interesting… I am sure more blogs will be posted about how that turns out :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

this is how most of the day looked!

productive…I think not

These pictures sum up the day I had….but if you would like to know more about it…please continue reading….

So, like I said yesterday I would more than likely post again…not because something exciting or monumental happened, but because I’m bored and we can’t stream the netflix movie I wanted to because our PS3 controllers are at Jason’s brothers house… so what was plan b for the evening….update the world on how unproductive today was.

I did wake up a little earlier this morning…just in time to see Russel Brand on the View…I think he is hilarious and I also think he and Katie Perry are cute and I hope they work out! Today was just like the past 2 days, I stayed here in my spot on the couch watching tv, except I found it more challenging to find something to watch on TV and we didn’t have anything to eat for lunch. So, I sunk to a new low and popped popcorn for lunch and watched Materials Girls…not the music video, but the movie with Hillary Duff and her sister, what’s her name Duff. I at first thought it said Mean Girls, so I stopped to watch…but then realized it was Hilary Duff and not Lindsey Lohan I was watching. I did end up watching it while I ate my popcorn….it was predictable- I give it a star and a half.

The most productive thing I did today was discover how I could add our calendar to the side of the page here —> so check it out! Oh, yea I googled organizing closests if that counts :)

I even coaxed our excersise loving house mate to come sit on the couch and watch some good ol Kirstie Alley reality tv…. I felt accomplished! Then Jason got home with his cute hair cut and we all went to Freddys Frozen Custard. We took a little site seeing tour…we showed her Pflugerville Lake and the Round Rock Dog Depot…where we found they have expanded the dog park and added an agility area. Hopefullywe will be going back with our doggies to check it out!

Tomorrow we are heading to Houston for an engagment party for our friends Eric and Maggie!! Then Sunday I will be heading to camp to get in some missed Honey Creek before heading back for some NOT missed professional development!

I will leave you with a quote from Material Girls “Ewww, You smell like Satan’s armpit!”

We will see how long this lasts….

This blog is titled amazinglysensational with the hopes that Jason will contribute to it…..but until then I am on summer break, so I will more than likely be posting in my boredom. I got the idea to start a blog (again- I had one when I was a freshman in college…it was real deep clip_image001..) from our friends the Anderson’s (Kirk and Rebecca). I figured with our friends and family all over the place, why not create one spot where those who love us can catch up on our super exciting lives (well they are sometimes super exciting, the rest of the time they are just busy!)

Like I said earlier I am on summer break, which started officially Tuesday at 4pm!! I have just been at home doing what the inner slob has been craving to do all year–sleep in until 11 and stay in my pajamas alllll day (this is why I am still up at 12:30…a cycle that needs to break) I just have one more day of living like that and then my summer of go here and then then there will begin. I am not going to list everything I am doing…maybe I can post the fancy calendar I made online during an hour today where I had already seen the episode of clean house and 19 kids and counting. Like I said we plan on using this blog to update people on our lives…so here are some updates:

-we got a new dachsund his name is Barley… he has been a great addition to the family

-we now have a roomate…well housemate (we don’t all share a room) her name is Lupe and she is super sweet! We love having her here

-Catarinna my cadillac AC was fixed after being broken since SEPTEMBER!!!

-we got a new laptop for me.. dude I got a dell clip_image001[1]Jason is going to take my old one once we get it fixed

-Catarinna also got 2 new tires and new windshield wipers (she is plotting to break our bank!)

-Jason’s truck has a blown gasket…we don’t know what that means–but it sounds expensive, so we will wait to get that looked at clip_image001[2]

That is all I have for now…. it is likely I will post something tomorrow, due to the fact TV isn’t all that great during the daytime…so don’t worry you 8-5 year round workers watching tv all day isn’t that fun, because the shows stink!