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Saturday, June 26, 2010

3+3 and ready to bust road trip

So, I know everyone has been chomping at the bit to hear about the 21 hour road trip with three people and three big dogs and a lot lot of stuff

We left Monday morning at 6:30am after getting a whopping 3 hours of sleep!! The car was literally ready to burst… I was so close to the dash board I could of used it as a snack bar :) We gave Bailey and Abby a Benadryl to help them sleep along the way.  After getting the proper caffeine and snacks we were on our way. We made our first big stop in Tyler, Tx where we ate Whataburger at park there…which was so the dogs could stretch their legs and use the restroom. We then pushed on to Texarcana where we switched drivers…to ME!! I drove for the next 5 hours…stopping at a sonic (we had quality cuisine on this trip) The rest of the trip was a blur… I remember sleeping in a hotel parking lot for 3 hours before continuing on our journey to Ohio! This is when I discovered Jason had sent me to Ohio with a little bit of his cold… We got to Dayton, Ohio at 2 or I said it was a blur. They showed me around the house and then I went to lay down and woke up 13 hours later…I guess I had some drivers lag!

…here are some pictures that capture the essence of the trip…

IMGP0001IMGP0003 IMGP0004 IMGP0006 These pictures were

my attempt to take a picture of us every hour doing the countdown…as you can see we only made it to 5 and looking back I am now realizing that I skipped 4…we had good intentions (much like the failed game of finding license plates from all the 50 states…we got maybe 10 before we lost the paper and gave up).


Here is a car that I need to convince Jason we need:IMGP0007 IMGP0008  I mean I love anything with my name on it…..especially if it’s spray painted :)

Here I am starting my 5 hours of driving….IMGP0011 This is also the last picture of one of us you will see….. the rest are of the dogs—because they looked cute…where as we faded fast…

 IMGP0013 “Pleeease let me sit in the front!”  IMGP0016  

Back seat sleepersIMGP0019IMGP0020 “Are we there yet"?”IMGP0021 Bailey and Abby passed out!!

Believe it or not this trip was soooo much fun bonding and laughing the whole 30+ hours we were in the car!!!

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