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Friday, June 4, 2010

this is how most of the day looked!

productive…I think not

These pictures sum up the day I had….but if you would like to know more about it…please continue reading….

So, like I said yesterday I would more than likely post again…not because something exciting or monumental happened, but because I’m bored and we can’t stream the netflix movie I wanted to because our PS3 controllers are at Jason’s brothers house… so what was plan b for the evening….update the world on how unproductive today was.

I did wake up a little earlier this morning…just in time to see Russel Brand on the View…I think he is hilarious and I also think he and Katie Perry are cute and I hope they work out! Today was just like the past 2 days, I stayed here in my spot on the couch watching tv, except I found it more challenging to find something to watch on TV and we didn’t have anything to eat for lunch. So, I sunk to a new low and popped popcorn for lunch and watched Materials Girls…not the music video, but the movie with Hillary Duff and her sister, what’s her name Duff. I at first thought it said Mean Girls, so I stopped to watch…but then realized it was Hilary Duff and not Lindsey Lohan I was watching. I did end up watching it while I ate my popcorn….it was predictable- I give it a star and a half.

The most productive thing I did today was discover how I could add our calendar to the side of the page here —> so check it out! Oh, yea I googled organizing closests if that counts :)

I even coaxed our excersise loving house mate to come sit on the couch and watch some good ol Kirstie Alley reality tv…. I felt accomplished! Then Jason got home with his cute hair cut and we all went to Freddys Frozen Custard. We took a little site seeing tour…we showed her Pflugerville Lake and the Round Rock Dog Depot…where we found they have expanded the dog park and added an agility area. Hopefullywe will be going back with our doggies to check it out!

Tomorrow we are heading to Houston for an engagment party for our friends Eric and Maggie!! Then Sunday I will be heading to camp to get in some missed Honey Creek before heading back for some NOT missed professional development!

I will leave you with a quote from Material Girls “Ewww, You smell like Satan’s armpit!”

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