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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!

I am not going to lie Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I used to like it when the costumes were cute and creative, not throw on a scary mask and you are some dead something. Then when I got to college it was just an excuse to dress a little skimpy. Then I meet Jason and he loves Halloween and scary movies. So, this year I attempted to make more of an effort to get into this holiday. It started on Friday where we decided on our couple costumes, which this year we decided to be an angel and a devil. It wasn’t much of a costume for me, since I am often mistaken for an angel ;) We got all our gear Friday night and we even got the dogs some Halloween shirts…they weren’t too happy about them. Then Saturday afternoon we went to Laura’s 2nd annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. This year we were not allowed to use stencils….so I brought a stencil of a snowflake and free handed 95% of my pumpkin. Jason decided on the batman sign. We were much better and more confident carving this year, compared to last year (which was my first year ever really carving a pumpkin). Last year we made a Superman sign and a Christmas tree…you try and figure our who made what :) Since Jason used a stencil for his and I traced one tiny piece of mine we lost some points. So, we didn’t win this year, but I don’t think I will ever win—because the winner’s pumpkin got points for being Halloween themed….a scared cat.. I mean come on. It doesn’t really get more creative than a snowflake…oh well I loved it and that is all that matters.

After the carving we came home to get our gear on. It was pretty fun getting dressed, since I had to paint Jason’s face red. At first it looked like he had the measels, then a really bad sun burned and finally he was starting to look devilish. It was a lot of fun helping Jason get into costume, because he was just soo excited to be dressing up. The last time we dressed up he was superman and I was a Christmas tree in 2007…notice a pattern :). After spending about an hour or more getting him painted and beard glued on I got ready in like 15 minutes… like I said being an angel comes natural to me—not a lot of dressing up. Then we were off. We were only 2 hours late to his brother’s Halloween movie party. We got there and took some pictures and before you know it I was changing into comfy clothes and Jason’s beard was off…all that for only a few minutes in full costume….oh well the main thing is Jason was so excited to get dressed up it made up for all of it!

Sunday, we hung around and watched the poor Cowboys…bless their hearts..they are just no bueno this year. Then off to 5 o clock mass. After mass we rushed home to post up in Jason’s office, which is much closer to our front door, to pass out candy. We got a pretty good amount of trick or treaters. All in all it was a really great Halloween weekend. I even watched way more than my 1 scary movie per year quota… I think I watched like 4 or 5!

Now just 1 more holiday until my favorite holiday ever… CHRISTMAS!!!

P.S. Jason just saw Bernard (the elf from the Santa Clause) in the Adam’s Family Value and said I can’t wait to watch the Santa Clause… I love him :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:


Here we are at Laura’s getting our carve on!


My snowflake up close!


Jason’s Batman pumpkin


Everyone’s pumpkins lined up for the announcement of the winner!


Here is our final product all lit up at home!


Devil and Angel :)


The Boys!


The whole gang


and the Devil and Angel live happily ever after :)


This is how our weekend ended…all tuckered out waiting for Trick or Treaters!