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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We have been busy busy busy!!!

So I know that people out there are just dying to know what is going on in the lives of Jason and Ashley :) We have been to Houston for Eric and Maggie’s engagement party, I went to camp for 3 days to help out, we went to Dallas for our friend Ryan and Sara’s wedding, I went to visit friends in San Marcos, Jason got a cold, and now I am trying to get my stuff ready for Ohio….which I leave for Saturday, but that trip is a whole other story!! Some things we have learned over the past couple weeks:

-Houston is hot, but it sure felt good to have he AC in my car fixed!

-catching up with college friends is a great thing and needs to happen more often!

-Camp Honey Creek holds a little piece of my heart

-playing name that artist is our new favorite road trip game :)

-Ryan and Sara are the cutest couple ever (well besides us!)

-Jason has added a waffle maker to his birthday wish list after making a 2 minute waffle at the Hampton Inn

-it is hard to be productive when all you want to watch is Clean House marathons!

-it is important to take time to visit and make time  for those you love!

-sleepovers are sooo fun even at 24

-there are 18 Christmas movies that are better than Fred Clause

-there are more than just red and green grapes

-Jason might be the key to the swine flu but a cold can still get through that immune system

Instead of writing all the little details of what we have done the past two weeks….. I wanted to make a list :) Now I must make a to do list for tomorrow and Friday, or nothing will get done! I am leaving Saturday for a roadtrip to Ohio with my mom, cousin, and THREE LABS!!! That’s right 21 hours with 2 other people and 3 animals-this is going to be very interesting… I am sure more blogs will be posted about how that turns out :)

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