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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Disgustingly weird accidental find!!!

image So you might be thinking why in the world do I have this picture up…..well I was looking at our blog and admiring our  6 followers and our 1 comment average on each post…thanks to my loyal friend Katie all the way in JAPAN!! Well, I thought I don’t have anything to really write right now, so I will be adventurous and click on the next blog… was an entire blog dedicated tooooo extra long fingernails (which is not practical, but not out of the ordinary) but then there were pictures of extra long toenails….that is when I think I threw up in my mouth a little. It does not help that I hate feet, but here is the grossest picture of feet..especially the lady picking up a banana. The reason this is so bad/gross/disgusting is because people choose to do this to their feet…it’s not like they are born with gross looking feet…no they chose to hide or throw out their clippers and grow those claws out. It is just unexplainable and I thought I would share…

What do you think about long toenails? Sexy or disgusting?? Ok if you must see it from another angle… here ya go…


Now what do think :)


  1. I find this incredibly disgusting. Thanks for sharing. I too threw up in my mouth a bit . Hahahah :D

  2. How does she walk with those things???

  3. I miss your mom sooooooooo much. She did a great job on my nails.

  4. Yay! Represent from 日本!

    Speaking of weird nail stuffs (though mine isnt gross) Have you heard of nail deco?

    In Japan deco is freaking huge. It involves rhinestones and various little plastic stuffs. You can do it to anything

    So yeah nail deco.. For example,

    And then the crazy I dont know how you function with those things...

    Now that the summer is rolling in and the summer festivals are here I have been seeing lots of nail decos (to match with the summer kimonos) I will try to snaps some photos for you.