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Monday, June 20, 2011

Start of summer—Kickin it off in OHIO!

It looks like each of my past posts have started with…it has been so loooong since I last posted. But, it is the truth it has been well over a month since my last post—that is partly because I was way to busy/stressed with the end of school to post and not a lot of exciting stuff happened during that time besides work, work, work….

As soon as school ended I boarded a plane to Ohio to visit my parents who moved here last summer. I have been here almost three weeks….. I knew I wanted to blog about my time here, but didn’t know how to break it up…not enough to do day by day—well knowing me I could stretch it out… I do like to talk Smile I decided I will blog about it in weeks…. but then some things happened over the span of several weeks—so those things will be their separate posts (ex. my grandpa going into the hospital and the making of our coupon binder)

So here is week 1 in Ohio:

I flew in late Thursday night…. I mean real late like rolled in at 11:45pm! Friday night we went Downtown Dayton because my mom heard of this First Friday event that they do downtown…turns out it was kind-of “Austiny”…they had a lot of local bands playing at the local bars. So, we passed on that and hit of Spaghetti Warehouse for Dinner.

That Saturday we went to a Farmers Market in Cincinnati called Findlays Market…we were really going there because they were suppose to be having this German fest..but we lost track of that when we saw how cool the market was! For lunch we had Chinese—which is a big deal, because Jason hates Chinese so I hardly get to have it back home—and I LOVE IT!

On Sunday we went to a Strawberry Festival in a town nearby…they had a lot of arts and crafts and every strawberry type food you can imagine. We tried some Strawberry cheesecake. There I got the cutest collars for our dogs…when I get home I will post pictures of them in their new oh-so-cute collars!

Then Monday my dad went back to work and my mom and I planned a little picnic to take him at work. After our picnic, my mom and I went and swam at the pool there on Wright Pat Air Force Base. We swam and laid out (which we later found was a HUGE mistake). We had a great time followed by a game night that night. Then we woke up Tuesday and we were soo sunburned it hurt to move….so we pretty much hung around the house the rest of the week because we were pretty burnt!

That Thursday we had to take my dad to the airport, because he was flying to Texas because my grandpa was/still is hospital (post about how he is doing later). It was hard having my dad go, because here I came from Texas to visit both of them and he is leaving to go to Texas…but he has to be there for his mom and dad and I completely understand. It has allowed for some great bonding time between my mom and I !

Well I didn’t really think I could write that much from the first week here…but like I said I LOVE to talk!!



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